Amal se zindagi banti hai jannat bhi aur jahanum bhi

You can also click Stanza No. Aisi kul kitaben qabile zabti samajthe hain Jinko padhkar bete Bap ko qabti samajthe hain The Orders of serving Parents!

Your civilization will commit suicide with its own daggers. The mystery of selflessness was the hidden strength of Islam. O my God; Make me your obedient and thankful person from which you may accept and give me pious children and I beg pardon to you and I may become your obedient. A Rare Example of Obedience: The Happiness of Father!

Even with a Kafir and Mushrik parents do continue to treat them well. Otherwise the related wikipedia article. Events of Hazrat Imam Bukhari R: We have admonished Man that he should serve parents well and treat with pleasure.

People migrated in droves with the waves of excitement rolling in their stomachs. The zephyr from Hijaz may blow again or not! He also worked on.

A Longing - Poem by Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Almost all the cultured Indian and Pakistani Muslims of his and later generations have had the habit of quoting Iqbal. She died in The dialectical quality of his thinking was expressed by the next long Persian poem, Rumuz-e bikhudi ; The Mysteries of Selflessness.

Meera & Mother Baffled Over Pakistan’s Independence Date

The king received the poet with great honor and met hi privately, as well during which he laid bare his heart. Peaceful death and peace in the graveyard is assured.


The airport is located 4 kilometres south of Devanahalli and is 40 kilometres from the central business district of Bangalore, 30 kilometres from the Bangalore City Railway Station and covers 5, acres. By the glance of the man who is a true believer even destiny is changed.

To pray for them. Inni tubta ilaihi va anni minal Muslimeen. So nothing was gained — but quite a lot was lost It is a sorry state that son is teaching to father.

He also went to Cordoba and had the distinction of being the first Muslim to offer prayers at its historical mosque after the exile of Moors. Both the eras have Islam missing.amal se zindagi banti hai - Urdu | Poetry & Shayari | Pakistani amal se zindagi banti hai jannat b jahannum b yeh khaki apni fitrat main na nouri hai na nari hai (ahmaal ka daromaddar niiyaton per hai).

Amal Se Zindagi Banti Hai Jannat Bhi, Jahanum Bhi Ye Khaki Apni Fitrat Mein Na Noori Hai Na Naari Hai By action life may become both paradise and hell; This creature of dust in its nature is neither of light nor of fire.

Kharosh Amoz-E-Bulbul Ho, Girah Ghunche Ki Wa Kar De Engr. JABIR ALI SIDDIQUE. COAL deposits in the Thar Desert are a national asset that can solve our energy problem if utilised and exploited properly.

Unfortunately the concept of underground gasification of this coal is. Zindagi Ek Haadisa Hai, Aur Aisa Haadisa, Maut Se Bhi Khatm Jiska Silsila Hota Nahin.

[Jigar Moradabadi] Amal Se Zindagi Banti Hai Jannat Bhi Jahannum Bhi Ye Khaaki Apni Fitrat Mein Na Noori Hai Na Naari Hai Zindagi Shayari. Tu zameen se anay lagi sada tera dil tu hai sanam aashna tujhe kya milega namaz mein Amal se zindagi banti hai, jannat b jahanum b yeh khaaki apni fitrat mein na noori hai na naari hai paani paani kar gayi mujhko qalandar ki woh baat tu jhuka jo ghair k agay na tan tera na man tera.

sitaron se age jahan aur bhi hain abhi ishq k imtihan aur bhi hain. jis ka amal hai be-garaz, us ki jaza kuch aur hai hur-o-khayam se guzar, bada-o-jam se guzar. Amal se zindagi banti hai, jannat b jahanum b yeh khaaki apni fitrat mein na noori hai na naari hai.

Amal se zindagi banti hai jannat bhi aur jahanum bhi
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