Brand awareness report of hdfc bank

At last, I also thank to my family and my friends those helped me in my training period and in the completion of project. HDFC bank has several business processes like all other financial institutions. There are a number of reasons why customer satisfaction is important in Banking Sector: HDFC is involved in large number of CSR activities for sustainable livelihood, financial literacy, education, training and community initiatives.

It operates in three segments: Your Bank made General Provisions of Rs. The primary data was collected by means of questionnaire and analysis was done on the basis of response received from the customers. Thanks to the new digital products on offer from the Bank — constantly monitoring the customer experience, securing feedback and acting on it becomes even more imperative.

[Case Study] HDFC Bank’s Start Doing garners 310mn impressions

Going forward, weakness in private investment cycle and asset quality strain in the banking sector could prevent a full—fledged recovery, though some improvement in the growth rate is quite likely.

After providing for Income Tax of Rs. And balanced between these two things rupee earned and rupee spent are required for smooth running of business and financial soundness.

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While a significant portion of these SLR securities are held in the? So both primary and secondary data was used for the project. Such training provides a framework of knowledge relating to the concepts and practices of the assigned topics in the organization.

Efforts are being put to give a satisfactory service to customers. Retail Advances include loans which fulfil the criteria of orientation, nature of product, granularity and low value of individual exposures for retail exposures as laid down by the Basel Committee. The other domestic competitors are either PSUs or national bank, HDFC Bank is always priced higher in terms of minimum cap required to open a new account.

Apart from lending to individuals, the company grants loans to micro, small and medium business enterprises. In this diagram it include both things from where Bank earned Rupee and where to spent.

HDFC Bank Marketing Mix

HDFC Bank also includes online payment options like Pay bills and shop online, Fund transfer options, bill payments, tax payment, donate online etc. Centurion Bank of Punjab now operates on a strong nationwide franchise of branches and ATMs in locations across the country, supported by employee base of over 7, employees.

Bank also earned from the Forex and Derivatives and some other Interest Income. Capital Adequacy Ratio Your Bank? A Bank is an organization which lends money to the borrowers for a purposeful task, and provides a facility to deposit and withdraw money when needed and charge for it.

This product enables customers to avail of Remittances, Letters of Credit, and Guarantees through the net platform. The customer segments being addressed by HDBFS are typically underserviced by larger commercial banks, and thus create a profitable niche for the company.

It largely focuses on good labeling and identification practices. I express my deep sense of gratitude and sincere thanks to my project guide Sr. It reflects stronger value addition due to subdued input prices, which was a result of the declining global commodity cycle.

Story Top brands of India: Risk Management and Portfolio Quality Integral to its business, the Bank takes on various types of risk, the most important of which are credit risk, market risk, liquidity risk and operational risk.

The purpose of collecting secondary data was to achieve the objective of studying the recent trends and developments taking place in banking. In order to provide its customers greater choice, flexibility and convenience, your Bank continued to make significant headway investments in its multichannel servicing strategy, offering its customers the use of ATMs, Internet, Phones and MobileBanking in addition to its expanded branch network to serve their banking needs.

What is your overall satisfaction rating with our company? Interest rate risk is the risk where changes in market interest rates affect the Bank? The summer training is an integral part of the course curriculum of Master of Business Administration M.

In the retail loan businesses, the credit cycle is managed through appropriate front—end credit, operational and collection processes. The Bank also has an approved investment policy which is adhered to while investing or trading.

Annual Reports

HDFC has always made its presence feel in the media through advertisements, hoardings, posters, ads in newspapers, magazines, promotional events, sponsorships, etc. In the first phase of the research project, there is a introduction of Banking, company profile and products of HDFC Bank are given.

Humans being the weakest link in Cyber Security, your Bank has been carrying out continuous awareness among employees and customers?A.

SUMMER TRAINING REPORT (RMB) ON “A study on brand Awareness of Aditya Birla Payments Bank amongst consumers in Lucknow City” Submitted To. HDFC Bank’s pre and post campaign research and YouTube’s brand lift study indicated a significant lift in overall awareness levels, and helped the brand register an increase in business generated through their digital channels.

Sep 01,  · The average salary for a Relationship Manager at HDFC Bank Pvt Ltd is Rsper year. Get A Free Custom Salary Report» Develop effective ways to promote brand awareness that lead to.

Swot on Hdfc Bank. SWOT ANALYSIS ON HDFC BANK The HDFC Bank Limited - SWOT Analysis company profile is the essential source for top-level company data and information.

HDFC Bank Ltd.

The report examines the company’s key business structure and operations, history and products, and provides summary analysis of its key revenue lines and Bank specializes in the provision of banking and. synopsis for research project report(bba) on “a study of the brand awareness of anmol biscuits in rural area.

HDFC Bank Director Reports, Company Financial Results of HDFC Bank, Company History, Directors Report, Chairman's Speech, Auditors Report & Director Reports, Company Results info of HDFC Bank.

Brand awareness report of hdfc bank
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