Decision making analysis about penzoil

Decision Making and Analysis emphasizes an application-based approach, in which readers learn how to work with data to make decisions. These are the people who create the databases, build the models, reveal the trends, and, increasingly, author the products. Calculating the Expected Monetary Value of each possible decision path is a way to quantify each decision in monetary terms.

Alternatively, Chevron argued that the privilege was waived when Pennzoil affirmatively placed at issue the very information for which it was claiming the privilege. These decision tools and techniques are the main focus in our teaching establishments. This framework has the advantage of creating a system of rules that has consistent expectations of all people; if an action is ethically correct or a duty is required, it would apply to every person in a given situation.

Three Broad Types of Ethical Theory: Because Chevron's evidence supports the conclusion that a tax deferral would require Board representation and some level of management influence, Chevron argues that there is at least a triable issue of fact as to whether Pennzoil's failure to include any such aspirations in the Schedule 13D was misleading and not credible.

Notice the duty-based approach says nothing about how easy or difficult it would be to carry out these maxims, only that it is our duty as rational creatures to do so.

Statistics for Business: Decision Making and Analysis, 3rd Edition

These can be considered in three categories, decision making softwaredecision tree software and decision support systems DSS. The Act amended Section 13 of the Securities and Exchange Act of to provide for such disclosures. This document is designed as an introduction to making ethical decisions.

But it's also true in a broader way. The more novel and difficult the ethical choice we face, the more we need to rely on discussion and dialogue with others about the dilemma.

Summary Judgment Ruling 16 Pennzoil moved for summary judgment, contending that Chevron had failed to demonstrate the existence of triable questions of fact regarding Pennzoil's compliance with the Schedule 13D disclosure requirements.

We ask about what outcomes are desirable in a given situation, and consider ethical conduct to be whatever will achieve the best consequences. If you use this tool as a structured decision-making process, more time is required for market validation. That's a wonderful thing, but as any panic stricken something who is still making all those decisions can tell you, also terrifying.

One of Pennzoil's stated purposes was to defer taxes owed on the settlement proceeds by making a similar reinvestment pursuant to section of the Internal Revenue Code.

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Discuss and pick at least one backup option and one growth option that you want to keep open. Begin with a clear explanation, write on the board: It helps in situations involving many people, some of whom may benefit from the action, while others may not.

Similarly, to the extent that Pennzoil claims that its tax position is reasonable because it was based on advice of counsel, Pennzoil puts at issue the tax advice it received. It reshapes our values.

Pennzoil Co. Case Study Analysis & Solution

The Rights Approach The Rights approach to ethics is another non-consequentialist approach which derives much of its current force from Kantian duty-based ethics, although it also has a history that dates back at least to the Stoics of Ancient Greece and Rome, and has another influential current which flows from work of the British empiricist philosopher John Locke When practiced regularly, the method becomes so familiar that we work through it automatically without consulting the specific steps.

In his declaration, Chairman Liedtke stated that insofar as Pennzoil's decision to proceed with the Chevron investment was based on tax considerations, that decision was made based upon the advice of counsel.The more you practice making decisions quickly, the more naturally it will come to you.

Give yourself permission to make the wrong decision on occasion and get going! Published on: Apr 6, A decision-making pros and cons list like this helps remove the emotion which blocks clear thinking and decision-making.

It enables objectivity and measurement, rather than reacting from instinct, or avoiding the issue altogether. Decision Matrix Analysis is a useful technique to use for making a decision.

It's particularly powerful where you have a number of good alternatives to choose. Guidelines to Problem Solving and Decision Making.

Rational Decision Making SWOT Analysis (to analyze from strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) Voting Work Breakdown Structure (for organizing and relating many details) General Resources for Problem Solving and Decision Making.

Making good ethical decisions requires a trained sensitivity to ethical issues and a practiced method for exploring the ethical aspects of a decision and weighing the considerations that should impact our choice of a course of action.

Global Manual Transmission Fluid Market Analysis – Amsoil, Red Line, Chevron, Pennzoil and Castrol The research report on the Global Manual Transmission Fluid Market for the period – offers an outlook of the market over the globe.

Decision making analysis about penzoil
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