Executive mba marketing consumer behaviour

Executive mba marketing consumer behaviour Sense of Data Gain a basic understanding of confidence intervals and hypothesis tests to interpret data.

Students prepare formal research proposals in which alternative methodological approaches are specified in detail. Her research interests include social influence and identity, judgement and decision-making, and word of mouth.

Topics include asset pricing and valuation under certainty and uncertainty, portfolio management, determination of interest rates, immunization strategies and derivative securities. Outside readings, case studies, and text material will be used to integrate current financial theory with pragmatic financial decision making.

Advanced portfolio management Objective Provide students with the advanced concepts of investment and portfolio management traditional investment strategies as well as the alternative investments.

Advanced Corporate Finance Objective Provide students with the concepts of company evaluation and the context in which such evaluation is needed. They gather this information via surveys and studying data regarding the past behavior Executive mba marketing consumer behaviour consumers.

The school hosts two related centers: Some examples of research surveys are new-product concept tests, product use tests and brand name recognition. Selected case studies from a variety of industry contexts will be used.

Accreditation Ranked in the Top of Dutch Economists based on academic outputnr. Business Strategy This course examines how firms gain and sustain competitive advantages. The focus is on the following key principles: Faculty and students frequently interact and collaborate with affiliated faculty e.

Approach Firm evaluation, mergers and acquisitions and procedures to raise capital or to transmit a firm. According to the school, about 36 percent of the MBA class of landed jobs in marketing.

Admissions General conditions 1 session per month: Because the topic of this course will change, it can be repeated for additional credit when taken as a different topic. Leadership This course provides students with a framework in which to develop their own leadership style according to their personal value propositions.

A fundamental working knowledge of the firm's economic environment can improve both day-to-day managerial decision-making and long-term strategic planning. Business Law The purpose of this course is to prepare executives to recognize, analyze, and respond to legal issues arising in their everyday business lives.

Because the majority of financial decisions require an estimate of future events, considerable time will be spent investigating how to achieve the above objectives, subject to the constraints of an uncertain future.

Research Surveys Research surveys are conducted for the purpose of studying consumer behaviors. Qualitative Research in Marketing 2 hours plus conference; 3 credits Field-oriented qualitative research techniques currently employed in marketing research are explored in this course, with particular emphasis on focus-group and individual interviewing procedures.

Courses Courses For the MBA, Marketing Specialization online, the curriculum is comprised of a maximum of 14 courses 39 credit hours —depending on prior academic and professional experience—including two foundation courses, four core courses, three marketing specialization courses, four executive perspectives courses, and the integrative capstone course.

He also worked as a digital marketing consultant for small and medium-sized enterprises. Managerial Finance Introduce the concepts and techniques necessary to analyze and implement optimal investment decisions by firms.Sep 17,  · MBA History: First management and leadership education program for executives and mid-career experienced managers (the Sloan Fellows Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

This elective adopts a psychological approach to consumer behaviour and explores the implications for individual consumers and marketers. It deals with the crucial issues of why consumers buy what they buy and how they respond to marketing and advertising influences. MBA Executive Get a world-class MBA without leaving your job In today’s revolutionary rate of technological advancement and intense global competition, working professionals need to constantly upgrade their educational qualifications and skills.

Marketing Interactions & Consumer Behaviour Group (MICB)

Find the Executive MBA and other MBA programs from Leeds University Business School. Compare application dates, prices, for thousands of accredited MBA programs. It specialises in global and strategic marketing, consumer behaviour, branding and communications.

MBA Executive

Subscribe today and stay up to date with the latest news from Ivey Business School. Dr. M. Griffiths MBA Consumer Behavior Consumer Behavior is the most exciting area in the study of marketing!

Consumer behavior is omnipresent, we cannot escape it – every moment of our lives we are engage in some form of conduct the exchange aspects of their lives. It examines the consumer decision process and the impact of.

Executive mba marketing consumer behaviour
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