Found poem book report

Make models of things read about in the book. Make a list of at least ten proverbs or familiar sayings. All of them have moved recently, for a variety of different reasons.

Pretend you are making a movie of your book and are casting it. Write a new conclusion. Tell about the author or illustrator. Make a mobile using a coat hanger. But when his friend Chip Winston receives the exact same letter they begin to question it.

Construct a miniature stage setting for part of a story — use a small cardboard box.

To Kill A Mockingbird Found Poem, All Words Must come from book?

Can you make it 3-D or movable? Must have at least 5 entries. Make sure the map is large enough for us to read the main events clearly. Think carefully, for you will be there for a week, and there is no going back home to get something!

Found Poem - Alternative Book Report

Interview a character from your book. Imagine that you are about to make a feature-length film of the novel you read. Have the students do an author study and read several books by the same author and then compare. Make this into a little book of 3 folded pages, stapled in the middle Outside paper is for title of book.

Make up a lost or found ad for a person or object in the story. Categorize by parts of speech, colourful language, etc. Which office should they run for? Make up a picture story of the most important part. Write the plot and about 4 or 5 characters in this new book.

Teacher chooses part of the text and deletes some of the words. Make a collage representing some event or part of your book.This poem is called a found poem.

Its when you take phrases from an article or a book and put them together to create a poem. Mine is for "To Kill a Mockingbird". Your assignment is to create another Found Poem, using whatever source you wish.

It can be a newspaper or magazine article, an essay you have written, a novel, another poem, the possibilities are endless! Book Report due May 8. Continue reading the book you selected for class. Look over the handouts I gave in class on how to compose a.

Book page poetry (found poetry, black-out poetry, word art, redacted poem). Love the zentangle aspect of this. Find this Pin and more on Artsy. by Rachael Clauson. Found poetry & design made by drawing & coloring on an old book page. Transcript of Poetry Book Report. Poetry Book Report By: Mary McPhillips 8th Period The poem I chose to read to the class is.

A little Madness in the Spring In the collection of poems I chose, the poem I found to be the most humorous was the poem called I'm Nobody! Who are you?

Poetry Book Report

Apr 27,  · Wow "Found" by Margaret Peterson Haddix was a really enjoyable book and I literally read the book for the whole day until PM just to keep reading and I would sometimes read while eating (my dad wasn't so happy aboutthis so I had to stop =D) I can't wait until I read "Sent".Author: Inkweaver Review.

Oct 14,  · family (a found poem) by Greg Pincus Perhaps you like a puzzle even if it is a puzzle that does not have an answer. The mystery is this, "How did the answerAuthor: Greg Pincus.

Found poem book report
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