Modge podge projects

Expose to light to recharge. You'll need to add a contrasting paint color over the top to make it show up — but you'll like the finished look. Quote Wall If you have a photo printer, then this project should be especially simple.

Homemade Mod Podge Recipe 2017 – Don’t be hoodwinked!

Have you ever seen a parakeet mirror at the pet store? Matte finish with a slightly brown, heirloom look. I made retro fabric bird garland using this technique and transformed some rubbish old tins.

DIY Baby Picture Board Book

To use, Mod Podge your pieces down with another formula. Then use the Super Gloss over the top. If you do not already have a way you like to do this then please go to my Add Text to Pictures POST for instructions using power point or picmonkey.

Gloss — Shiny finish. Dont try to cheat, you will regret it, trust me I tried.

Mod Podge Formula Guide

I'm imagining that your biggest use for this formula will be during the holidays. I have a lot of projects planned with Stiffy that I can't wait to try.

Do you want Sparkle Mod Podge on steroids? It is truly ace and made making these pegs so easy. Basic formula with simple Gloss finish. If you find a tin with a solid colored top, you can use it for many holidays and to hold various gifts.

Decoupage — mod podge is traditionally used to decoupage. Updated with all of the new formulas for this year! Very textured and dimensional yet clear and gives you the look of hand painting.

Here are 20 things you can do with Fabric Mod Podge. It really depends on the climate you live in, but there's a very simple solution: It doesn't show the scratches like the matte or gloss! This Mod Podge project is truly adorable.

All Mod Podge formulas are essentially the same in that they can all do three things. You can get that smooth, luxurious feel of a finish with this formula. You're probably not going to need an entire 8 oz. This would be a great gift for anyone who has an appreciation for anatomy.

They also have almost every possible craft thing you have dreamed of. Use as regular Mod Podge, but it's got a tint! And in case you are wondering if you should make your own Mod Podge, the answer is no.

When you see the Mod Podge is all clear, you are likely ok to add another coat. It's hard to explain how beautiful it is until you see it with your own eyes, and run your hand along it. This is your all-around Mod Podge. Apply finish to surface and back of design element.

I decided to recycle the kraft paper and use as wrapping paper! Well, this is the foundation to your new favorite necklace!View videos here that will teach you how to create amazing craft projects, using Mod Podge.

Looking for unique ways to display photos? Here are 6 Mod Podge projects that are easy and budget friendly to make!

#MobilePrint #sponsored. Get over projects - all the Mod Podge crafts you'll ever need! If you have never used it before or used it for years, you'll find something here. Buy Mod Podge Dimensional Magic (2-Ounce), CS Clear: Cutlery & Knife Accessories Using the right tools makes Mod Podge projects easier, more professional and fun to create.

Project Uses Perfect for home and holiday decor, gifts, seasonal projects, kid’s parties and more.

4 Mod Podge Projects to Display Your Photos

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40+ DIY Ideas & Tutorials for Photo Transfer Projects

| See more ideas about Craft ideas, Creative crafts and Decorating ideas. There's tons of cute crafts and DIY projects you can make with Mod Podge.

Modge podge projects
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