Questions to ask when writing a historical biography

This is not to say that there might not be some contingent benefit that accrues to the practitioner; the doctor, for instance, might earn a fine salary. Socrates the Constructer The method of dialectic is thought to be more Platonic than Socratic, though one can understand why many have associated it with Socrates himself.

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This was later discovered to be incorrect. Though it has become customary to think of a daimon as a spirit or quasi-divinity for example, Symposium eain ancient Greek religion it was not solely a specific class of divine being but rather a mode of activity, a force that drives a person when no particular divine agent can be named Burkett, Scholars disagree on the sense in which we ought to call Socrates ironic.

The Cynics The Cynics greatly admired Socrates, and traced their philosophical lineage back to him. It is possible for us to reconstruct the plots of two of them: This argument must be understood in terms of the Socratic emphasis on the care of the soul.

Other Socratic Positions and Arguments In addition to the themes one finds in the Apology, the following are a number of other positions in the Platonic corpus that are typically considered Socratic. What made them admirable? Your contributions are welcome. In March went down the Truckee to the State line and had a gang of men getting out ties for the railroad.

The democrats proclaimed a general amnesty in the city and thereby prevented politically motivated legal prosecutions aimed at redressing the terrible losses incurred during the reign of the Thirty.

Use these thoughts to begin to generate some potential research questions. Just as the gadfly is an irritant to the horse but rouses it to action, so Socrates supposes that his purpose is to agitate those around him so that they begin to examine themselves.

In defining pleasure as freedom from disturbance ataraxia and defining this sort of pleasure as the sole good for human beings, the Epicureans shared little with the unbridled hedonism Socrates criticizes Callicles for embracing. Dust Bowl farmer driving tractor with young son near Cland, New Mexico Library of Congress, Digital IDfsa 8b A research question can set boundaries to help you figure out where to go next.

With Socrates, Hegel claims, two opposed rights came into collision: His insistence that he had direct, personal access to the divine made him appear guilty to enough jurors that he was sentenced to death.

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Phaedo of Elis wrote two dialogues. The general peripatetic criticism of Socrates, similar in one way to the Epicureans, was that he concentrated solely on ethics, and that this was an unacceptable ideal for the philosophical life. Socrates the Refuter A typical Socratic elenchus is a cross-examination of a particular position, proposition, or definition, in which Socrates tests what his interlocutor says and refutes it.

Just before the Peloponnesian War with Sparta began in B.

Alternative Biography of Erik

Current events or timely issues can be a good place to find a promising research question. Amongst other things, Aristophanes was troubled by the displacement of the divine through scientific explanations of the world and the undermining of traditional morality and custom by explanations of cultural life that appealed to nature instead of the gods.

Her marketing programs have been a large factor in Sleep Wells growth and transformation from a regional to a national hotel chain. ETS announced plans to introduce two of these new types of questions in each quantitative section, while the majority of questions would be presented in the regular format.

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As recounted by Diogenes Laertius 1. There are some thinkers for whom Socratic irony is not just restricted to what Socrates says.

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Those that desire bad things do not know that they are truly bad; otherwise, they would not desire them.Good questions are one of the core elements of a successful biography. Directions: Choose the appropriate number of questions to ask in each section.

Some sections are optional. You will write the ANSWERS to the question on the interview document as you are interviewing your hero. These questions may be useful in developing your information about the mathematician.

They were selected from two websites: Some Biography Interview Questions. The Interview: Principals Share 30 Favorite Questions For Future Teachers In this tight labor market, many principals have to review hundreds of quality candidates.

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Family History Sample Outline and Questions: The following outline can be used to structure a family oral history interview and contains examples of specific questions.

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Questions to ask when writing a historical biography
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