The best years of my life

The Best Years Of My Life Lyrics

So cheer up, huh? So I'm going back to work for myself and that means I'm gonna live for myself too. Go away like your family said. Don't keep Cliff waiting.

Three wonderful loves in the best picture of the year! You've forgotten what it's like to be in love. You don't just move on. Having done lots of seasonal roles that lasted just a few months, this is a new challenge in a new place for me. Can't you get those things out of your system?

University — the best years of your life?

I've got to work it out myself. I'm just going to sum the whole thing up in one word. All this atomic energy and scientific efficiency. And she followed me to London to a hundred hotel rooms To a hundred record companies who didn't like my tunes And she followed me back to Tennessee where she findly made me see I'm just a plain old Country boy and that's all I'll ever be.

You're afraid I may be in love with Fred. Dad told me you were working here and I just dropped in to say hello. I really meant it. I don't see her anymore. It's terrible when you see a guy like you that had to sacrifice himself - and for what? You can make it!

Seventy-one I was all alone when I met Sarah-Jane I was trying to go it solo with someone else's band When she came up to me softly and she took me by the hand She listened to my problems and she seemed to understand.

I say that our bank is alive, it's generous, it's human, and we're going to have such a line of customers seeking and getting small loans that people will think we're gambling with the depositors' money.

Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life

The knowledge I acquired in the good ol' bank I applied to my problems in the infantry. Some of 'em look brand new, factory to the scrap heap. Although he may have contributed to his wife's decision to divorce, he could not be blamed for the divorce itself unless he agreed to it.

So how can you possibly understand how it is with Fred and me? I used to work in one of those. Unfortunately, we've no opportunities for that with Midway Drugs.

Oh the poor girl works 'til all hours.The best parts are of the aftermath of his military training accident and subsequent recovery, the making of The Best Years of Our Lives and anecdotes about his travels all over the world on behalf of injured veterans/5(3).

The Best Years (of my life). likes. High school life can be harsh sometimes. Lyrics to 'The Best Years Of My Life' by Diana Ross. Everytime I feel how life goes by / I recall the scenes that never die / One fine day / One fine night /.

Oh, Rock'n'Roll I gave you all the best years of my life All the crazy, lazy young days, all the magic moony nights I was so busy on the road, singing love songs to you. Listen to The Best Years Of My Life by Diana Ross. Join Napster and play your favorite music offline.

The Best Years Of My Life Diana Ross Everytime I feel how life goes by I recall the scenes that never die One fine day One fine night You loving me On and on and on We took our love as far as love can go You've given me the best years of my life.

The best years of my life
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