Watching movies at home vs theatre

As a result, there is a list of reasons why movie theaters rock.

Watching movie at theatre or at Home

I suppose you can pig out on popcorn and sweets in your house! Also, and reflected noise over 1ms is heard as reflection, and not as part of the same note.

Burning a Hole in your Pocket The price of cinema tickets in the UK has risen dramatically over the last 10 years.

I like digital projectors and I think making the seats more comfortable is a step in the right direction -- anything to avoid reminding me that I have to temporarily share space with other people is a positive in my book.

I've got big speakers and a little apartment.

Projectors vs. TVs: Giant-screen pros and cons

Last time I went to see a movie on opening night, I showed up late and ended up in the first row needing a neck brace. Any food I want: Watching Films in the Cinema vs.

The Pros and Cons of Going to the Movies

You sit where you want. They are asking for a useless piece of information with regards to speaker selectionbasing their recommendation on that useless peice of information, and wrongly training people new to the hobby that room size is an important factor in determining speaker choice.

However, if it was quite a bit cheaper then I might consider watching at home. Also, "X-Men" looked unnaturally smooth throughout, kind of like that nauseating soap opera effect you get when people watch films that were shot at 24 frames per second through the glass of a Hz HDTV.

Only the best theater systems rumble the seats in a similar fashion with bonus banging from my downstairs neighbors. Beyond the familiar staple of movies on broadcast, cable, satellite or pay-per-view television, there are now faster turnaround times for first-release movie DVDs, as well as mail services such as Netflix and recording devices such as TiVo that make home movie viewing more convenient.

It can give some clue to what physical size of speaker the OP may be able to accomodate in the room and it's a pretty fair indicator of the likely range of listening distances. Watching movie at the theater helps a lot too because it more fun with friends; get to meet new people, and entertainment.

You do not need sit next to strangers because then you have to deal with stress of being in crowded place with lot of people. After i installed it and updated the drivers etc etc. This was an expensive proposition; plus after multiple viewings the film images would start to deteriorate.

A 4K image has at least four pixels for every pixel in an HD image, allowing for video that's 4, pixels wide versus only 1, pixels wide in HD. The film was loaded onto a film projector and projected onto the movie screen.

Home Theater vs. Movie Theatre Surround Sound

Are home viewing devices and services eating into the theater-going audience? All you should do with your friends and family is choose who will bring the movie and food and whose house you are staying at.

Within in a night or day, you are already spending a lot of money. Audyssey log chirpthe measurement mic's reading is integrating the direct sound from the speakers and the lingering reflected energy in the room.Jan 25,  · I agree with dunkman there just isnt as much oomph on home tvs.

When your watching a 3d movie at a theater its all around you and in your face. I have a 60 inch mits and have alot of 3d movies and its just not the same experience. jet is Home Theater Discussions And Reviews > 3D Central > 3D Tech Talk > 3D movie theater vs. home. Movie Theaters vs.

Movies At Home Movie theaters can be a fun thing to do with friends and family, but staying home and watching a movie can be just as great.

Watching a Movie at Home VS. Viewing at Theatre While economic hardships still face many today, it does not mean that the enjoyment of watching movies needs %(1).

"A media room is real life," says Ray Lepper, president, Home Media, Richmond, Va. In comparing a media room to a dedicated home theater designed to replicate a cinema experience, Ray says the flexibility of a media room is more practical for people who want to do more than sit in the dark and watch movies.

For many people, watching movies at home has become more of a background noise while they do other things, rather than a dedicated, sit-down watching experience. Blame smartphones, blame waning attention spans, blame the movie industry itself — the fact remains the same.

Dec 24,  · Growing up going to the theater was always a special treat, because watching the movies at home were way cheaper. So, even now as a young adult the theater still feels special.

Despite the many cons, somehow the cons add up into an invaluable experience called “The Theater.

Watching movies at home vs theatre
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